Beneath Buried Bones

by Wasted Heretics

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Resurrection 03:01
There’s a whisper in the wind, these whispers speak of peace Voices not my own, the damage I have done Converse in my head, in search of release I watched my world burn I have risen from the dead Whispers, riding on the wind. Freezing breeze, bites into my skin. Words prophetic, of a future, based on correlated consequence of past. These voices, converse in my head. An open discussion concerning why I still live. Evidence concluding that I should be dead and yet here I stand. Resurrected. These whispers speak of peace, the damage I have done, in search of release. These voices tell me to: Watch and learn, don't breath don't speak, don't be absurd. Heed the lessons learned, observe power in words. put a bullet a bullet in my head, waste of holy lead. I walk my path alone, disguised as a fragile soul And now the ground beneath me quakes, as these walls around me break. These whispers speak of peace, the damage I have done, in search of release. These voices tell me to: Watch and learn, don't breath don't speak, don't be absurd. Heed the lessons learned, observe power in words. I have returned. As I watched the winds of change, wrap around my everything A smile crawls across my lips, A pathetic past will not be missed Stare into these eyes host to no soul, there’s no one home
Heresy 03:48
Obscured realities, in a skeptical mind. Unrealistic inabilites? That distort themind. Blinded by horrid aspirations of suffering, through your intellect. Only to realize you must be prepared to die. Deliberate restrictions to knowledge blacking our own ideas of existence. Unfair? Heresy corruption ourhistory, through unknown acts of treachery darling individuals, understanding. Committing apostasy for all to see. Banished and shunned for heresy’s lies. Esoteric texts obscured, for ordinary intellects? That you become when you defected your beliefs in god and religion. Virtual ethics of morality falsified in the eyes of the papacy. Perception, humanities dilution. Obsessive analysis of lifeless identities.
Against us, tenacious, this filthy plague of bastards march against us Begin the end of tyranny Whose now bloody burning standard Was raised Listen To the sounds from out in the fields The howling of these fearsome soldiers Come to cut the throats of All those you've come to know March Let impure blood flow March And water our furrows March To quell a disease We go For it is us they dare plan to render unto slavery The vile despots would have themselves be The master of your destiny Say your goodbyes For we march It may be our doom As we now face new horrors Take in all you love Let go We must march Summoned by countless lost souls Called forth to obliterate Now face to face with our resolve Unwavering and resolute Death in forms and fashions To speak of would be to dilute The shear measure of obliteration A sunrise blood red Reflected off of bloodstained stones Abolished a once great force No longer bled of meaning Eradicated No longer bleeding We are the winds of change No longer borrowed The air we breath
A feared conclusion plagues the minds of the faceless patrons of a doom, plotted out and scripted by: Certified patrons, of deceit and persuasion. Corrupting humanity’s view. Bleeding meaning from the lives of their servants, blinded by: The creation of purpose in being. An image of life, epitome, deceiving. “How it should be”, as they have you believing. Embellished fantasies. Bleeding meaning from the lives of their servants, blinded by A subconscious predetermination, programmed into a self-absorbed nation. Lead by the kings of greed. Acceptance of existence, in ignorance. A population made into machines, finding comfort in virtual stimulation and the ascent of mental separation, from a physical being. The catastrophic subjugation of lives believing in A horizon of possibility Relentless the barrage Embellished fantasies Cancerous infection, desiring of ascension. The breathing seem seeking the glory of self defeat. Crush those before you, take everything you feel you need. Your life embodies the “right to succeed”. Pathetic sheep.
Reave Populations consuming the provided. Conscious created reality, perpetrates the existance, of humanity. By what means do we perceive, the justification, a reason to breath? Degradation and decay, curse cast upon humanity. The cultivation of human lives, similar to that of a livestock manifest. Bred for the butcher, fed on each other. The death of perception, a myth of redemption Every breath wasted uselessly, seeking salvation Hear the souls screaming, fleeing damnation. Witnesses a world bleeding, seething from incisions. Degradation and decay, cruse cast upon humanity Feed Sleep Breed Repeat A myth of redemption, wasted every breath uselessly Seeking salvation Reclamation Divine intervention
Outer Life 03:30
Living, breathing, on this land. Unknown lifeforms, swarm these sands What is this world, where I stand Seeking, answers I can”t find Where the hell is my mind There is no escape, its crushing me I am lost in a world, I’ve never seen A place like earth, we are not alone Awareness, of the universe, so fast inside I am exposed, to outer life There is no escape it is crushing me. I am lost in a world I’ve never seen. A place like earth. We are not alone. Living, breathing, on this land, the unknown. Lifeforms, swarm these sands. What is this, world where I stand. Seeking answers I cannot find, where the hell is my mind Perplexed, filled with fear, I see the truth. My denial of outer life, is laid to rest. A place like earth, we are not alone. Awareness, of the universe, so fast inside I am exposed, to outer life There is no escape, its crushing me I am lost in a world, I’ve never seen A place like earth, we are not alone
A blood red sunrise Visible on the horizon Increasingly Staining the sky above Visible to the remaining Emergence of a race superior, evolutionary gene, homo sapiens Imbued with An unchallenged Unchecked consciousness Eradicate, desecrate, erase Suffocate, mutilate, debilitate Proceed to annihilate, efficiently incinerate Obliterate Fill the graves Blood runs Bloodlust, begins flooding my veins. Instinct to abolish, that which. Has been ordained. Has been ordained. Come forth, full of fear. To me, you now plead. Forgiveness you seek, for actions committed in greed.
Left to Rot 03:33
Borrowed unto you, from some master almighty, (Degenerate)a generous lord of the land. Ultimately permitting oxygen to enter the blood flowing through the veins, beneath your skin. And in return, a pledge an oath. A guarantee to be ready, to give your life for them. Promised unto you, by forked tongues and songs learned and sung. You’ll be cleansed of sin. A concept created. Ensuring never ending servitude. Generations, sown and harvested. Gains from grains of souls, baked and happily, digested. Humanity, blatantly molested. Violated from moment of conception. the inheritance of a population, bred into and fed ignorance. promotions alter the mind, what is reality, to a world of the blind? Eyes observe, ensure Mandated, priority People become commodities, value assessed in a series of skill testing questions. Faulty products disposed of, left to rot, now decomposing, fertilizing, seeds sown. By the wealthy. Corroded the reasons to bleed Shrouded ideals stimulate intention, pursuit of belief. Condemned as the unneeded breed, herded like sheep. Gluttonous feeding and breeding, blinded by faith. Idle a generation satisfied by digital screens. Content to sit and rot, having sold their name. Dejection like an infection seeps in, seeds within. A generation terrified, to be alive, would rather die. Affliction of addiction, life passes by, content to sit and rot, having sold, their name.
Arising from beneath Buried bones Bloodstained stones Remnants of lost souls Called forth by the lords of plague and set upon this earth Amidst this worlds strife unnoticed Infest Infect Infuse Breath of toxic fumes Called to stand For it is time Bring forth this plague This earth will end Infection spreads Soldiers of dread Feast on the sorrow of the soon dead Regret is to late Indulgence has sealed your fate For it is time End the reign of humankind


released December 7, 2019

Written and Recorded by Wasted Heretics & Skylar Tizzard
Recorded By Reid Paraszczynec and Brett James Lindsay at the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon
Mixed by Reid Paraszczynec
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studio


all rights reserved



Wasted Heretics Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wasted Heretics is a melodic death metal band that refuses to be confined by the typical boundaries of death metal. The music is a dense mix of diverse styles and influences. While being heavily rhythm and groove oriented, there is still a strong emphasis on melody and technical proficiency. ... more

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